Jumat, 25 November 2011

MSI Windpad 100 Atom Based Tablet with Windows 7

In addition to Android and Tegra-based tablets with code 110 Windpad MSI, MSI also released tablet Windows 7 with the MSI Windpad Atom platform 100 which also exhibited at the Computex event. The processor used is the Intel Atom Z530 1.66 GHz, 2GB RAM memory and 32 GB SSD that uses the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, but with an additional layer of user interface artificial Masi Wind Touch UI. The tablet also has two USB ports, HDMI and webcam later. Windpad 100 will be sold this year, with prices around 499 USD.
MSI Windpad tablet device 110 is made with plastic, though so low plasticity or less elite, but also makes these devices to be taken lightly. Screen resolution is 1024 × 600px touchscreen capacitive responsive. In addition to Tablet Windows 7, you can also read the news [MSI-based Android Windpad 100].

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