Jumat, 25 November 2011

ECS A785GM-A AMD Motherborad

ECS sell a new black seris of amd motherboard, A785GM-A. This motherboard is from a AMD 785 G family and has been powered with high performance onboard graphic, Radeion HD 4200. Unfortenatelly this motherboard have no used full AM3, it uses AM2+.
It means ECS A785GM-A can use AM3 processor but HyperTransport capacuty can not achieve full performace.In memory socket, the AMD motherboard still use DDR2 type depending use a new technology, DDR3. There is also no available Sideport Memory. So if you will use onboard video card you will be forced to use main memory.
Even this ECS motherboard have provided onboard video card, but you can upgrade or use Hybrid CF with PCI slot Express. The cooling system in this AMD motherboard is less or enough, heatsink is only integrated to protect each chipsets and also use alumunium with minimalis size.  So it will not much reduce a heat.
Power phase in ECS A785Gm-A AMD has a 4 unit, please notice, 3 unis is a APU power phase. In table test itself, the total performance of this product is long from satisfactory, because only gets 86%. The high individual score is sintetic PCMARK vantage harddsik where this AMD motherboard can gets 100% of score.  The guarantee service is 5 years.

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