Jumat, 25 November 2011

Foxconn A7Gm-S – Motherboard AMD AM2+

For the single test time, Foxconn hace launched a A7GM-S that still use combininga AMD 780G  and AMD SB700 chipset. Unfortunately, Foxcomm is still using AM2+ from AM, so to use the AMD  processor from AM2 to AM3 can be still handled in such a way.When you purchase this product, it also comes with a PCleX16, 4 Slot DDr2 and 6x SATA II. Even so, this motherboard can be upgraded in the next time if you want to do it with several purpose. for your information You can search amd motherboard ddr3 or amd phenom x4 in this blof
The size of this Motherboard AMD AM2+ is small, And usually the memory slot for the mini motherboard is only available in a two part. The FOXCONN A7GM-S  is already included a pretty Video card onboard AMD Radeon HD 3200. Although this video card is still using 128-bit memory bandwidth. The Graphic in this onboard video card already full supports DirectX 10.1
In the cooling syste, each of chipset is equipped with aluminum heatsink in the northbridge and southbridge, But I am doubt about this heatsink because the cover is very small. And in the power phase has only 5 units for a power distribution to CPU.
In the sintetic test PCMArk Vantage get a 100% score result. In the gaming test Far cry 2 is also get 100% score.But in this Motherboard AMD AM2+ is not given Side Port Memory like a another product from AMD that can increase a GPU onboard performance.

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