Jumat, 25 November 2011

GigaByte MA785GT-UD3H – Motherboard AMD Socket AM3

GigaBythe the motherboard’s company from taiwan had launched a new motherboard AMD socket am3. The version is a MA785GT-UD3H. In this computer and hardware’s article I am going to explain and review this product, Are the hardware is for you? Let see it! And I hope you can choose the best motherboard.
MA785GT-UD3H included video card slot as much as a two PCIe X16 slot, and it already use Crossfire or Hybrid Crosfire with added one or two discrete graphic. Meanwhile, for the memory, this Motherboard AMD Socket AM3 already can using DDR3 with maximum performa, In the 1800 MHz with overlock way and 1600MHz in Maximum standard speed.
This AM3 motherboard is included a high performance onboard video card, Radeon HD 4200. Unfortunately, there is no SlidePort Memory so only sharing with main memory. But it is still enough for running your computer system perfectly. But I doubt about this if you play a huge game?
In cooling system, GigaByte MA785GT-UD3H motherboard  already have The best Heatsink in their system to decrease the heat when the computer is running. Unfortunately, the heatsink is only covered in each chipshet. So MOSFET is not given heatsink all. Then in a power phase is given as much as 5 unit. But please notice, 4 unit is for CPU power phase. In capacitors has already used a solid capacitors overall. And also a PCB quality in GigaByte MA785GT-UD3H am3 motherboard has already used 2OZ Copper PCB.
Overall, the performance of GigaByte MA785GT-UD3H -Motherboard AMD Socket AM3 is already good. May be it’s no as strong as depends a the new motherboard like gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p. But it is good in memory and hard disk. In onboard graphic is enough for home computer. Oh yeah I almost forgot, GigaByute also included a Easy Energy Saver in order to saver in electricity.

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